In our town that is located in between Passaic River and the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, we are boasting a wide area of land that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Long Hill towns in New Jersey, including Millington, Stirling and Gillette, are very convenient. To get to south-end of downtown New York, you can drive 78 east to Port Liberty, which takes around 40 minutes (traffic being taken into account already and assuming start driving out around 7 AM), then the Ferry takes you to Pier 11 within 20 minutes. And the traffic on the way back is also stable and predicatable. To get to the old World Trade Center area of downtown, you can either drive 45 minutes to Liberty Park N Ride in Jersey City then take Light Rail 10 minutes to Exchange Place then take Path 10 minutes to World Trade Center, or, you can take the train( There are three train stations, Millington, Sterling and Gillette, no waiting list for parking lots and generally cost you 200-300 annual fee ) which will get you into Hoboken within 60 minutes and from Hoboken you take Path to World Trade Center which takes 11 minutes, or, you can drive to Harrison Path station and park for 6-7 dollars and then take the PATH. There is a new Parking structure being build at Harrison Path station and the Hwy 78 to GSP junction is now being rebuilt so the traffic and Parking is ok, particularly if you start before 7:30 AM. To get to the Middletown of New York you can take Midtown direct train which will get you directly to New York Pen Station a little bit over an hour.

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By Train

NJ Transit train stations service our town with 3 available stations that can be used by the whole neighborhood.




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By Bus

Lakeland Bus offers daily services in our county.

Everyone is great here in my community, it's one of the reasons I moved to this area. There are many people who ride bicycles for fitness, there's a nearby lake for families to enjoy during the summer months. The schools are good and the staff cares about the students successes.


By Car

You can easily access Long Hill Township via Interstate 78 or Interstate 287 leading to New York City or one of the other business location in the region.

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